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    Call me Ishmael. Or possibly, call me an idiot. Because I recently undertook my most ambitious stunt yet: reading the entire 552-page Moby-Dick.

    Prank the Monkey

    My goal was simple: I wanted to show that Moby-Dick is inferior to my new book, PRANK THE MONKEY.

    Sure, Moby-Dick is considered "the great American novel," and the finest example of American Romanticism. But I had no doubt that it would be long, tedious, and boring -- unlike my new book, which is hilarious, contemporary and imminently readable. Honestly, who enjoys reading classic books? Is there a person among us who wouldn't rather read Maxim before Macbeth?

    Bravely, I cracked open the book over Thanksgiving, and began reading the introduction, written by Elizabeth Renker. You may have heard of Ms. Renker from ... oh, that's right. You've never heard of her in your life. She's an Associate Professor at Ohio State University, which somehow makes her the authority on Moby-Dick. Or maybe they couldn't find anyone else who had read the book. I don't know.

    I found her intro extremely tedious -- unlike the introduction to PRANK THE MONKEY, which grips you by the face from its first sentence, then launches you into a 320-page thrill ride.


    Dick: 0

    Monkey: 1

    Next: Sales Challenge!

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