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    As I began what I thought would be a long, laborious slog through the book, I found myself pleasantly surprised: despite my preconceptions, the narrative in Moby-Dick turned out to be interesting and, dare I say, funny. When Ishmael the sailor finds himself sharing a bed with an ex-cannibal covered in tattoos -- a funny scene in itself -- he muses, "Better to sleep with a sober cannibal than a drunken Christian." That's still funny 150 years later. (At least, in context.)

    Still, my book is funnier. And my book is funny in 2007, not in 1851. For instance, Moby-Dick contains no references to Lindsay Lohan (1), Angelina Jolie (4), or Ashton Kutcher (I lost count). Moby-Dick might be amusing, but being a dick is hilarious.


    Dick: 0

    Monkey: 4

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