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Press reviews for PRANK THE MONKEY

"Awesome. Really funny. Sir John Hargrave has taken pranking to the next level ... it's safe to say that I have become a blubbering fanboy."
   - Maddox, author of New York Times-bestselling The Alphabet of Manliness

"Easily the funniest thing I've read in the last six to eight minutes."
   - Drew Curtis, creator of (updated every six to eight minutes)

"The CIA and the FBI should get ahold of John Hargrave -- not to arrest him but to have him run things. He is some kind of mad, intrepid genius, a cross between a psychopath and a revoluntary. He's part Thomas Jefferson and part Dr. Evil (if Dr. Evil was a good guy). This is a fascinating, comedic book and beautifully written as well."
   - Jonathan Ames, author of Wake Up, Sir!

"The ultimate prankster, Hargrave sees the world through the eyes of a child. A child your mom kept you away from but who you secretly wanted to be."
   - Ze Frank, creator of

"Devilishly creative ... As a professional prankster myself, I resent the fact he is so skillful in not only performing satirical stunts, but also writing about them with such great style. Buy the book and find out for yourself how clever this guy is. Sorry, but I can't help hating him a little."
   - Legendary prankster Alan Abel

"Wickedly entertaining ... It's hard to imagine anyone trumping this prankster for a very long time, if ever."
   - George Ouzounian, creator of The Best Page in the Universe

   - Rob Cockerham,

"Hargrave [seems] like just another guy like you or me, except he's got good ideas, more tenacity, better communication skills, and probably balls the approximate size and weight of a healthy pair of butternut squash."
   - Greg Galcik,

"Excellent ... incredibly wonderful."
   - Todd Jackson,

"If you're looking for a laugh at the expense of the man, or want to introduce someone to humor that's not spoon-fed to them through network television, this is the book for you. One thing is for certain: Sir John Hargrave brings the funny!"

Reader reviews for PRANK THE MONKEY

"PRANK THE MONKEY is probably the funniest book I've ever read!"

"I'm a frequent visitor to your Web site, and the book just topped off my loyalty."

"The writing is spot on, edgy, and awesomely funny."

"I could not put your book down. It was great, amazing, and most of all entertaining. I turned down sex with my wife twice to continue reading. I truly appreciate your perfectly written book."

"I love the book. I love you, in as gay a way as possible, given that we are both married men."

"I'm three chapters in, and I just ordered another copy to send to my brother. Thanks for the laughs! You DO to The Man what the rest of us only dream of doing."

"It is hilarious. I don't usually laugh at books, but I have laughed at least fifteen times already, and I'm not even a quarter of the way through the book yet."

"I read the first few pages and knew this book was going to be great. I was right."

"I've been reading Sir John's pranks for quite some time on his web site. I laughed so hard one day at work, the guy in the next cubicle had to ask what I was laughing at! Soon as I got the book, I knew it was going to be just as good as his site. I definitely hope a sequel is in store, because I can't get enough of Sir John's pranks!"

"Sir John has done everything I have ever wanted to do prankwise, but never had the guts to do. This book is amazing."

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